Tecnalfa, is a company that brings together professionals of great experience, with professionality in engineering consulting, design, construction supervision and management of interdisciplinary relationships in many areas of industrial, civil and environmental engineering. The core business is the design of systems for the production of energy from renewable sources, such as geothermal, wind and hydroelectric power, the design of plants for the oil and gas industry, and civil infrastructures. The staff of Tecnalfa is able to follow the technical and administrative activities since the stage of the technical and economic feasibility of the project idea, the completion of construction permits and the execution of an accurate and complete design at every stage to proceed with the construction management and commissioning of the works.

The model proposed by Tecnalfa is developed especially for medium and large companies that have interest in investing in the construction of facilities on the Italian area and abroad.

The strength of Tecnalfa is to offer a service of mutlidisciplinare engineering, making use of important partnerships, enabling the full development of the project starting from the authorization procedures, such as environmental impact assessments, building permit etc., Then move on the mechanical design of the plant and of the civil works, to finally get to the construction management and constructions testing. This type of service tends to overcome the limitations due to the fragmentation that is created in the development of large projects, having to report to individual professionals specialized in a single sector.





Our strengths are:

  • Team of qualified people
  • Software for all the type of calculation and design
  • Multidisciplinary and dynamism

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